Atheism and Religion: An Evolutionary Approach

The courses of human progress and evolution run together. It is only natural that we should drop ancient and backward religious beliefs for proven ones. However, there is a new option. Evolution implies natural selection, adaptation, and mutation. This also means hybridisation. This also takes place in culture. Atheism freed me and many others from the control of religious fundamentalism. Yet, I have not stopped going to church. The rituals still fascinate me, how people act mechanically and actually seem to feel some joy after getting into it. I then picture the joy I have reading Darwin and following up on sound sociobiological research and genetics.

I thought long and hard for many years about this issue of religious and atheistic collective joy. I would not have anyone to laugh if there were no religious people on the earth. Then I looked around more and realised that atheists are also targeted for the same kinds of jokes. They laugh at me just as I laugh at them. Their reasons are good enough to propel them curling to the floor, holding themselves trembling with convulsive laughter. I then figured it out – the evolution of atheism is a claim to religious joy and ecstasy!


Atheist Religiosity

Atheism is not a way of thinking, but more than that. It is the ultimate path to internal joy and enlightenment. In this way, if we take the Latin meaning for religion, that is, to reconnect, we can see how the atheistic way of life paves the way for an inner reconnection. We suddenly have time to know, evolving from unchecked assumptions; we now learn more each day, without fear. We can find, with rigorous research approaches, about life on the earth and the universe without relying on ancient knowledge of any kind. We have evolved from the shackles of history into a world where the atheist religion is finally possible. That is how I became also a God of Evolutionary Thinking. I think we should not shun such emblems for ourselves. I am the follower of Selfish Gene theory and reverend Dawkins. That is the truth – let Him be revered for the Knowledge He has bestowed in the future.

Our atheistic sections in the bookstores only grow with works that bring us to the same level of religious knowledge. We are reconnecting earth’s children with her bosom with real, scientifically proven, evolutionary theorems that fit almost every case known to man. We should then just take up responsibility for our cause and rally together, without fear, without trembling, without losing face, to wash ignorance away and free people from their unchecked beliefs without physical violence, and with much patience and respect. For laughter is holy and life is a story.


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