Professor Dickard Darkins

I am an evolutionary biologist and thinker. I specialise on enlightening religious individuals about the unreality of their God and their backward beliefs. This is only possible with a great infusion of hard science, humour and ridicule.

I am a hybrid being, cloned from the genes of the original evolutionary God, the most important thinker of all time, Prof. Richard Dawkins. May genes like his fertilize us into eternity.

On top of it all, I sugar coat my disconcerting invectives with a good dose of evolutionary thinking. In other words, by adopting simplistic formulae that combine presumptions of reproductive success and inherent selfishness, I show how every trait imaginable in every being everywhere can be reduced elegantly into irrefutable, rigorous, evolutionary logic.

After decades conducting detailed field studies in evolutionary biology and society, I am now engaging popular themes regarding the place of the earth in the universe and the roles of human beings as passive lumbering robots carrying selfish genes into future generations. But don’t be alarmed! We can re-shape our NATURE, which has dominated us through our ill-conceived notions of GOD! And we must fight our selfish nature to overcome our instincts. In this project, subject of my upcoming book, I share with you personal stories of my encounters with popular culture and religiosity, with a focus on transcending the misconceptions of creationism.


I hope I can count with your assistance in this endeavour: together, we can refute the popular world from its backward beliefs, freeing people from the ignorance they inherited into the reality of a world without magic. In a world finally disenchanted from middle-age style magical thinking, mankind will finally pursue its selfish gene infused destiny of procuring atheistic wisdom and bringing about a world where science education is the main priority and the engine of future progress. Join me, and become a contributor to this project.